PREVIEW: Web series: ‘Hope of deliverance’

November 3, 2015


Three episodes on the romantic and sexual misadventures of a young gay man in contemporary London are now online.

Hope of Deliverance

Hope of Deliverance is a web series written and directed by Pedro Rilhó. Shot entirely in London, it tells the story of Francis (Sam Treharne), a twenty-something would-be writer who falls for Emmott (Ryan Spong), a charming actor, while working on a film set.

When his advances are rejected, he embarks on a series of random one-night stands and even a date with a City type.

But what does Francis really want?

Writer and director Pedro Rilhó is Portuguese and has been based in London for the past 7 years.

His previous short, the successfully crowdfunded The Writer’s Circle, screened in competition at the London Independent Film Festival and in a guest slot at Shortcutz Lisboa. Upcoming short, the mother and son melodrama Tender starring Jesse Rutherford and Kate Cook, is awaiting festival submission results.

Pedro says:¬†“This self-funded, personal project purports to question the hormone fuelled¬†desires and frustrated aspirations of recession-hit, middle-class twenty-somethings¬†through Francis, the protagonist and antagonist of his own tale. A contemporary piece in the¬†style of classic cinema where the still, square frame confines the characters to their¬†predicaments, highlighting the theatricality of their interactions while focusing on their¬†emotions.”

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