TDOR Transgender Singing Workshop @ Rainbow Hub from Nicky Mitchel

Gscene Editorial Team November 17, 2019

TDOR Transgender Singing Workshop @ Rainbow Hub from 3.30pm Wednesday 20th Nov.

This free 3 singing hour workshop is offered to any member of the Trans or non-binary community, in solidarity in these divisive times by singer and musician Nicky Mitchel. Nicky is a professional singer/musician and compere with over 20 years professional working experience and a founding member and coordinator of the women’s performance tent at Brighton pride, working on it for over 15 years. Nicky is a cis woman who identifies as queer and a lesbian.

The workshop will give you practical advice and insight on how to get the best from yourself in any given performance situation. Including;

  • microphone technique
  • good delivery
  • sound checking and dealing with sound engineers
  • deciding where to perform
  • pre and post gig routines
  • pitfalls
  • adapting to and understanding performance space
  • audiences

Full workshop details here:

Nicky said ” I came out when I was 19. I Moved to Brighton when I was 20. In Brighton I found a huge very welcoming extended family. It’s arms have been around me, and mine around it, ever since. Modern experience is very different. I didn’t grow up with social media, computers, mobile phones. I have very little chance of empathising fully with what a LGBTQi+  young person is up against these days but I have experience of rejection of oppression of being persecuted for being different. 

We fight, we argue, but in the end we stand together. I’m L with the T. When the pushing and shoving starts, I’ll be by your side defending the right to define yourself and to express that definition however the hell you choose. Trans lives are not a debate.

At Brighton Pride this year I found myself at The Marlborough dancing to the brilliant tunes of Rachel Potter. I watched Tarik dressed as the gorgeous spirit of what ever the hell we are, swirling and twirling and blessing us all with acceptance and delight. I remembered I am a part of this family I need to come home and I need to contribute. I’ve been a professional musician for 30 years I teach performance in a practical grounded way and I offer the skills for free to any member of the trans-community who may find it of use or interest.

Come along to the Rainbow Hub from 3.30pm Wednesday 20th Nov to join me for this free working, it’s fun, engaging and you’ll learn something, i promise. You will need a prepared piece of no longer than 5 minutes, a notebook and/or recording device, should you wish to record your session. You may wish to perform your piece at the LGBT CSF TDOR event, 20th November 7pm. Dorset Gardens.”

Everyone is welcome to sing at this Community Safety Forum event celebrating Trans lives for TDOR.

The Rainbow Hub on St James St is a local point of contact for LGBT+ people seeking up to date help, information or guidance, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. More info here: