Somerville to release ‘Homage to Disco’ album next year

Besi Besemar December 8, 2014

Jimmy Somerville will release his sixth solo album Homage on March 9, 2015.

Jimmy Somerville
Jimmy Somerville

FAMOUS FOR re-making disco classics his own – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real), Never Can Say Goodbye, Don’t Leave Me This Way and I Feel Love to name but a few – Homage was a logical next step in Somerville’s career, one at which he can only excel considering his background, passion and undisputed vocal talent.

The record, a collection of 12 original disco tracks, is a tribute to the genre that inspired him so much during his teenage years.

Jimmy said: “A homage to disco is something I always wanted to do. I never really thought I could pull it off but I did, and it’s a really brilliant album to be perfectly honest.” 

“All influences, all the music I’ve listened to are in there. When I listen to it, it makes me think of being 15, sitting on the bed, taking the vinyl out of the sleeve, putting it on the record player, then just sitting and reading all of the sleeve notes whilst losing myself in the music…”  

Two teaser tracks – Back To Me and Travesty – have been digitally released this autumn, to provide a taste of the forthcoming album.

While working with the record’s producer and friend John Winfield, Jimmy had the idea to turn the songs they were working on at the time into ‘disco’.  John didn’t need convincing.

Jimmy continued: “We took all the songs and structured them into disco; when we started doing that I realised they were all closet disco songs and they all came to life… it was really exciting.” 

The album was a ‘family and friends’ production which Jimmy says had not happened since his Communards days.

He said: “Working with people who have been really been into it, completely supportive and understanding about what I wanted to achieve has been a complete dream – no egos, no drama queens, no divas: just a real commitment and connection to it”.

Homage will be available as a Limited Edition CD in Gatefold sleeve and Coloured Vinyl double LP in Gatefold Sleeve on Strike Force Entertainment through Cherry Red Records.

Inspired by music and politics, Jimmy rose to fame in the early 80s as the lead singer of electronic dance outfit Bronski Beat.

Their radio friendly single Smalltown Boy boldly addressed the social issue of gay isolation, while bringing into the spotlight one of the most unique voices of that generation. Following singles Why, It Ain’t Necessarily So and I Feel Love consolidated Somerville’s success.

Bronski Beat’s only album The Age of Consent reached platinum in the UK before Jimmy’s departure in 1985. He went on to form The Communards, enjoying a string of hits from their two albums Communards (1986) and Red (1987).  Their single Don’t Leave Me This Way held the no.1 slot for several weeks and went on to become a classic.

Jimmy Somerville embarked his solo career in 1989 releasing 5 albums – Read My Lips, Dare To Love, Manage The Damage, Home Again and Suddenly Last Summer.