Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Max Legroom

Graham Robson April 27, 2020

Max Legroom is the ultimate Drag King, award-nominated comic and trickster, bringing live vocals, comedy, lip-sync, utter chaos and mirth to Brighton and further afield. Graham Robson caught up with the mischief maker to find out how they’ve been spending their time online and their tips to keep you from losing the plot during lockdown. Catch Max Legroom’s Not Another Drag Quiz on Facebook on Thursday, May 7 from 8pm, then the first Thursday of every month.

Hey Max, what have I been up to?

Well, I’m attempting to knit a pair of mittens at the moment. Perfect weather for it. I have done a few live online performances here and there, as well as the first online version of my monthly pub quiz. I’m periodically making pre-recorded online content, too, so keep an eye out for that.

The pre-recorded bits (mostly comedy shorts on Facebook and Tiktok) are going down well. I think people are just so bored! The shows are good too. I’ve had to hugely change what I do in a live show though (which leads into the next question)

What’s it like performing to cam? 

Well, to begin with I didn’t understand quite how different the whole vibe would be. I’m realising though that I can’t just do what I was doing before. I.e. I can’t just substitute an audience for a webcam. There’s strengths and limitations to this format. I’ve been doing a lot more comedy readings and games from the corner of my bedroom than I’d do live, as those are funnier on a web stream. I have a decent mic setup for live bits, but straightforward live lipsyncs aren’t for me right now.

How are you keeping fit?

Pre-lockdown I was doing aerial trapeze and pole dancing, and now I’m not. You could say I’m climbing the walls. I have taken up hula hooping and can almost do a few tricks without whacking myself in the face. I have ADHD and exercising is probably the only way to keep it at bay, so it’s been hard without the structure and accountability of the gym.

Top tips to to keep us busy during lockdown?

Yes. Are you a glasses wearer? try to put your glasses in a new, obscure place every time you take them off. Trust me, I’m having hours of fun every morning crawling around looking for mine.

What are your plans for when this is all over?

I have absolutely no idea. Can’t even picture it right now. Probably waste fewer hours of my life in Pret than before?

Any words of wisdom to get us through?

We’re going through an extremely weird and traumatic event , all at the same time. Remind yourself that there is no “normal” way to feel right now.

Catch Max Legroom’s Not Another Drag Quiz on Facebook on Thursday, May 7 from 8pm, then the first Thursday of every month.