Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Mary Mac

Graham Robson April 26, 2020

Tartan wrapped Scottish drag queen Mary Mac flies the saltire round the UK and internationally with a show packed full of hit songs, battered Mars bars and banter. Graham Robson caught up with the flame-haired fox to find out about her online show, Lanzarote Live, and what’s under that kilt!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you’ve been spending lockdown…

I’m just a wee Scottish girl trying to entertain as many people as I can with laughs and songs and plenty of nonsense! I’ve been keeping myself as busy as possible with writing for panto and other shows coming up and, yes, I’ve been doing my Lockdown Live from Lanzarote every Sunday!

What’s the response been like?

Everyone has been so, so wonderful, it’s nice that even though we are so far apart we can still share a laugh and a bit of a party all together.

How does it differ to performing to a crowd?

It’s a completely different experience and if I’m honest I didn’t think I’d enjoy it but it’s fast and funny trying to keep up with comments and questions. I’ve learned a lot of new songs because of it too, regular viewers of my live cabaret show will be thrilled when the scene returns!

The drag queens have been busy bees online…

Yes, lots of queens and performers are doing all sorts online and it’s wonderful to see! You’ve got Miss Jason, Sandra, Myra and the odd special guest (replacement act when one of us isn’t available) still doing the Power of Four each Sunday and Quizzes and Bingos from Queens like Lola Lasagne, Miss Penny and Sheila Simmonds!

Top tips to keep us from losing the plot? 

I love a good TV drama so I’ve been catching up on lots I’ve missed like The Nest and Liar. I find they help take your mind away from the real madness outside our doors right now.

Any plans for when this is over? 

Get back to work! We will be opening Bar Soho again over here in Lanzarote again as soon as we can and when the lockdown is lifted in the UK I’ll be back on the road with Everybody’s Talking About Jamie plus my shows on the cabaret scene too.

What do you miss the most?

I miss my family, both birth and chosen, and the interaction with all the fabulous people I know.

We’re going to miss Brighton & Hove Pride this year… 

Brighton & Hove Pride is incredible and always will be! The atmosphere in that park is electric the whole day. Backstage, onstage, waiting for chips everywhere there is love and happiness and THAT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN! We have to look forward to the times we can all celebrate together again.

Any words of wisdom to keep us going? 

Get some fresh air if you can when you can whilst staying socially distant, smile and I’ll see you at the bar when all this is over! Up yer kilts!