Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… JP Christian

Graham Robson April 28, 2020

Vocalist JP Christian is known as the Human Jukebox whose cabaret sets are like a potted history of popular music. Graham Robson caught up with him to find out what he’s been up to while in lockdown and why music is his ‘pick me up’.

Hey JP, tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m originally from Bath and started singing around 25 years ago, first in a couple of bands and then solo; it was then I was happily lured into the Bath, Bristol and Cardiff LGBTQ+ cabaret scene by a couple of drag queens!

Having since relocated to the south east, I’ve been performing in Brighton since 2009 and I love coming here. I have regular gigs at the Zone and always take part in Brighton & Hove Pride.

Music has been a huge passion from a very early age and I’m very happy to be able to be a regular part of the Brighton scene, doing something I love.

What have you been up to while in lockdown?

I’ve been keeping fit on the cross-trainer machine in the hall and going for long walks locally. I’ve also just completed three online ‘mini’ gigs, and they have been very well received, and I’m looking forward to doing some more.

Any tips to keep us from losing our minds?  

I’d say it’s a perfect opportunity to read more, listen to more music and catch up with missed TV. It’s also a perfect time to Skype or FaceTime family and friends as much as possible. Keep active, try and get up at a reasonable hour and get dressed as it’s so easy to become lethargic if you stay in your pyjamas (if you wear them)!

What are your plans when this is all over?

Well I really need to get my hair cut! Seriously though, I’ll first go and visit family and then close friends as a priority. I’m also hoping to get in touch with venues that had to postpone or cancel gigs during this time and re-book the gigs I’ve missed.

Anything you miss?

Proper fish and chips from the local chippy! More importantly I’ve missed being able to see my family and friends in person. I’m also missing the live interaction you get with an audience, so I’m looking forward to going back to performing in the usual way as soon as possible.

We’re really going to miss Brighton & Hove Pride…

I love Brighton & Hove Pride and I’m really going to miss it. I usually do a small set at several venues and I’m really going to miss the atmosphere. This year would have been my 12th visit and no matter what I’ll be sure to be back next year!

Any words of wisdom to keep us going?

Keep active and stay in touch with family and friends as much as possible. It can be tough being isolated but try not to get too down – my personal pick me up is music and plenty of it!


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