Scene from the Sofa – Five Minutes with… Electric Blue

Graham Robson April 15, 2020

The Queen of Skegness and failed romances, Electric Blue proclaims there isn’t a camp classic she doesn’t know! Here, Graham Robson catches up with her to find out what’s what, what she misses and what she’s up to.

Hey Electric, what have you been up to?

I did an online performance on Saturday 28thMarch! It was unusual to be honest, no audience, no DJ, no bar (had to do my own ha), but then the performance buzz just hit again, and it felt like I was back on stage.

How was the response?

Just amazing, if anything the feedback from viewers and the interaction made me feel like I was back in a bar doing cabaret, it was incredible to gain some normality in these crazy times.

Must be strange not to see a sea of faces? 

Obviously the big difference is the audience, however when you see the comments coming in from the feed, it makes it all seem normal, especially when you feed off crowd interaction. That was a bit tricky at first but it all came together… thankfully.

There seems to be loads of stuff going on on Facebook Live at the moment…

Oh absolutely, there’s so much going on with all cabaret artists, I think it’s incredible in these times we have this platform to entertain and to keep connected with one another. Check out Live Lounge Lockdown, Pixie Presents as well as all the usual bars who are posting links to all live feeds!

Any tips to keep us from climbing the walls?

My top tip during quarantine is to keep in touch, we are all in the same boat and it will feel strange, lonely and daunting, however I’ve found chatting to friends on messenger apps and video calls really does help. Also, learn something new. I’m currently beginning French lessons online (for free), which will help to keep my mind flowing…

What are your plans for when this is over?

Go back on the road and entertain you all, see family and friends, hit the gym (I wish, ha), and show my face at every fast food restaurant going.

What do you miss the most?

I miss being able to to perform more than anything, once a week had passed it really did hit me how much i miss it, hence why i did a show on Facebook. I also miss Greggs so much!

We’re going to miss Brighton & Hove Pride this year…

Absolutely heartbreaking news however I couldn’t imagine it being an easy decision for organisers to make during these unprecedented times. However I’m sure we will have some parties around Kemptown once we are able to and Pride 2021 is just gonna be incredible!

Any words of wisdom to get us through?

The best thing I can say is that we are all in this together, we are not alone, we will get through this, stay safe it will get better.