Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Drag With No Name

Graham Robson April 23, 2020

Drag With No Name gives their all to put a smile on your face with parodies, silly sketches, sassy vocals and costume changes galore. Graham Robson caught up with this queen of the scene to find out what they’ve been up to on the interweb and plans post-lockdown.

Hey DWNN, what ya been up to? 

Hey! I’ve been busy! Well – my brain has, working overtime on working out how to get some fun into people’s lives. So yes – I did a website for 10 days straight after the lockdown came into place, I’ve been making videos and a couple of shows and a couple of fun Bingo nights too – another one coming up on Tuesday. And, LAST Friday, I did my very first Facebook live show, which was IMMENSE fun.

What’s the response been like? 

AMAZING! I am so overwhelmed by people’s kind words and love! It’s been THAT good , that it is going to be a regular thing on a Friday night at 7.30pm direct from my living room! And will be until the day we are allowed back out of our houses again, LOL! And, my boyfriend has also got with the fun of it all, and we have created a new drag monster! Delilah is her name, and she’s getting more attention than I am, which is ever so slightly irksome to say the least

How does it compare to performing as you usually do? 

The OBVIOUS is there is no audience, and being an artist that LOVES interaction with a crowd, its limitation was very unnerving at first. I love taking people’s drinks, taking the p***, jumping on people, crowdsurfing, climbing on bars… But I obviously can’t do ANY of that! But it’s still fun, and we are all in the same boat – me performing and those watching at home. You know from their words in the chat during the show that they also don’t want to be in this situation and would rather be down the pub – but this is now and we’ve got to make it as much fun as possible. Oh how we will all look back and laugh someday.

Have you seen much else online? 

I think every drag queen, singer, dancer, fitness instructor, fluffer is doing the same. There is an obvious need to try and earn some money, but at the same time it’s IN US to perform – in our blood – and having the venues taken away from us and not being able to take to the stage is quite daunting and upsetting. I’ve shed a few tears – not gonna lie – but since I’ve done the shows and received that respect and love from everyone, I have been lifted sooooo high, and I will not allow myself to get down with it all. I’m just going to work hard and try and give people as good a show as I possibly can from my living room.

Any tips to keep us from climbing the walls? 

Eat lots and drink more. This will all be over soon, so make the most of it!

What are your plans for when this is all over?

To stop eating lots and drink less.

What do you miss the most? 

People. I miss faces. I miss cuddles and kisses from people I know up and down the country. I miss not being able to be in the same room as my friends.

We’re going to miss Brighton & Hove Pride…

It’s very sad. Not just Brighton & Hove Pride – ALL prides. I obviously do a great deal of them each year – and abroad – and when we are on stage, there’s a certain vibe that can’t always be replicated in a bar during the rest of the year, and that I will miss a great deal. And again – it’s not seeing all those faces up and down the country.

Any words of wisdom to keep us going? 

Eat lots and drink more! HAHAHA. Just be happy. When you are feeling down – and we all will at some point on numerous occasions – just give yourself a little shake and a telling off, and wake up to the fact we are ALL in the same situation. We’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost contact with people, and we’ve no idea when it will end. But… there is help there, we can still chat to our friends online, and it WILL end soon. I won’t allow a situation I can’t control to make me sad – there are a lot worse situation to be in, and we will get through it all together.

Wine does help though. Sending everyone lots and lots of love xxx