Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… DJ Trick

Graham Robson April 10, 2020

DJ Trick aka Patrick Cawley is known for bringing the TUNES, the feels and the sparkle to some of the best clubs and bars on the south coast at a range of top club nights. Here he catches up with Graham Robson to share his top tunes to cheer us up during lockdown, his tips for keeping busy, and how he’s going to go OFF once this is all over…

How’s it going?

Doing good here – feel like I have had the virus recently (so I’ve been in the strictest isolation), but until these antibody tests roll out there’s no way of knowing? It’s very strange to go from being such a social butterfly and DJing 5-6 nights a week to now spending 90% of my time indoors, but I am keeping busy by making my house immaculately clean and learning lots of new skills whilst also trying to find ways to give back to people in need. I’m currently sorting through a load of old DVDs and games to donate to RISE Brighton to keep the families there happy whilst they have to spend more time inside.

Any tips to keep busy?
Clean and declutter your homes, cook something new and fabulous, take up a new online course or teach yourself a new skill, find a way to give back to communities/groups in need and check in with everybody that you love as often as possible.
Top Tunes to Cheer Us Up? 
Tracks that I’ve been listening to in order to stay chipper are;

There’s been loads of online stuff popping up, especially live cabaret shows… 
Yes, I’ve been keeping in good regular contact with all of my drag family with whom I work with on the scene. Lots of them are doing regular fabulous online shows including Mrs Moore, Baga Chipz, Miss Penny, Mary Mac, Lucinda Lashes, Miss Jason – the list goes on. So proud of my gurls!
We’re going to really miss Brighton & Hove Pride this year…
I’m so gutted that Brighton & Hove Pride has now been cancelled, it’s an event that I’ve been a part of for many, many years! It is all done with the best of intentions though, for the greater good, and just imagine how big and buzzing the 2021 event will be now! In the mean time; Mariah Carey and lip-sync party for one in the living room with bubbles!
Plans for when this is over? 
Once this pandemic is over I plan to have and work at the biggest parties ever, showcasing my fabulous feel good pop anthems whilst in the glorious and community spirited venues that I get to work in. This is definitely the thing that I’m missing the most – working and making people happy!
If I could give a few final words they would just simply to be keep seeing the positives and know that this will pass if we all stay in it together.