Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Candi Rell DQ

Graham Robson April 16, 2020

Candi Rell DQ is a local cabaret act who gives audiences all she can – and more! Graham Robson caught up with her to talk plans for the future, cleaning out her drawers and looking forward to Brighton & Hove Pride 2021…

What have you been up to?

I have been using the time to learn new songs. I have done one online show and was very touched by people’s responses. I also did a tip me thing (sorry I’m not very technical) and all monies raised will be split between Lunch Positive and Alzheimers Society. I had a beautiful message from a friend who works with adults with additional needs; I was so touched to hear that they had been singing along.

How do ‘virtual performances’ compare with performing live?

It was very weird not performing face to face… I found it bizarre that no one was there to interact with. It was also a 5pm show and I knew some friends with children were watching so I kept it PG. It was also tricky to read the comments as I left my glasses upstairs lol.

Have you seen any stand-out performances online?

It has been amazing to see so many performers going live and doing a great job!

Any tips to cheer us up?

I am fortunate that I have a day job so that keeps me busy but when not at work I have been doing the boring stuff that is needed. I have been washing costumes sorting make up and keeping the house clean. I find learning new songs a great release.

What are your plans for when this is all over?

Having great big parties in my local pubs.

We’re going to really miss Brighton & Hove Pride this year… 

The cancellation of Pride has hit so many in many different ways. For the last four years I have been honoured to organise the Marine Tavern Pride Village Party Cabaret stage with Steven Banks aka Stephanie Von Clitz. Year on year we have developed the stage bringing a mix of known and new acts. We had started planning this year’s and it was set to be an amazing celebration of Brighton. I know the decision to cancel is the right one but I also know how many people would have been looking forward to it. It is a great blow to all acts and establishments in Brighton and beyond, however I know 2021 will be the biggest and best Brighton & Hove Pride. I hope those that can do donate their entrance money to help the charities that are badly affected at this time.

What do you miss the most?

The company of others and being able to see and perform cabaret along with being able to get what I need in the shops.

Any words of wisdom? 

It’s ok not to be ok. If you are having a bad day turn to family, friends or entertainers. I often find people talk to performers about things after a show and most of us are good listeners.

Photo credit: Caaropix