Scene from the Sofa – Five minutes with… Billie Gold

Graham Robson April 12, 2020

Billie Gold is the 80s power lesbian who has been bringing her otherworldly act to the scene’s top LGBTQ+ venues for lightyears. Here, she chats to Graham Robson about the ups and downs of broadcasting from a kitchen, collaborating with stars of the scene, and her plans for the future.

Hey Billie, what have you been up to?

I’ve been up to quite a bit! My first live was impromptu from my kitchen, I had a little bit of a singing/bake along which is harder than it looks! I’ve done quite a few lives, some my own shows and some collaborations! The wonderful Cherry Bomb has me and several fabulous guests for her Blankety Blank, and the lovely Spice had me as his interval entertainment for his Fact Hunt. I’m hoping to do more however it takes more planning than you think!

What has been the response been like?

The response to live stream shows has been surprisingly great! Singing from my bedroom is a little strange but I’ve had lots of people tuning in and dancing along in their pants in their own houses.

How does it compare with the more traditional way of performing?

Live performances are the performer’s life blood, it’s definitely very, very different, you can’t hear everyone clapping so we have to rely on emojis and typed banter these days! Our fabulous gay bars have such an atmosphere, it’s easy to miss it and everyone else. Would it be wrong to say I miss touching everyone?

The queens have been busy online… Have you caught many acts?

TONS. The fantastic Spice does a viral Fact Hunt every Friday at 7.30pm, and that’s where I first saw a performer doing it from home for a lockdown live. I’ve seen great performances from Stephanie Von Clitz, Snow White Trash, Jason Thorpe, Poppycock, and Kara Van Park to name a very small few!

Any tips to keep us busy while in lockdown?

FaceTime is your best friend to quell loneliness. I know a lot of us thrive in the community by staying connected, we just have to find a different way to do it now. Other than that, picking up a new or forgotten talent is a fab way to go! Help the vulnerable if you can, but if you’re managing to stay sane and healthy well that’s just fine too.

What are your plans for when this is all over?

The first thing I’ll do is see my mum (she’s in self isolation for a while due to being immunosuppressive) then I’m going to squeeze every last one of you, and do as many fundraisers as possible until you’re all sick of me.

What do you miss the most?

My community and singing for sure. Gigging and seeing everyone’s smiling faces is what keeps me going. If we all have to do it online for a while so be it! Drinking outside of my own patio would be an enormous plus right now.

Are you going to miss Brighton & Hove Pride?

Enormously, I know this is a landmark event in our calendars every year, but it’s for a good reason that it’s being postponed, I know that we are going to be back better than ever in 2021

Any words of wisdom to keep us going?

Look after each other, be kind to yourself, remember to laugh, watch all of us prattling away online, wash your hands and for the love of God don’t be tempted to hook up!