Review: Call Me Crazy by Brighton based duo ARXX

Rachel Badham October 14, 2020

Brighton’s own Hanni Pidduck and Clara Townsend – otherwise known as ARXX – return with a new single Call Me Crazy, as they take a step back from their self-proclaimed ‘riotous anthems’ and provide us with an emotional yet upbeat pop anthem. Call Me Crazy shows a more reflective and introspective side of the ‘angsty pop gal-pal duo’, some of whose previous music was referred to by NME as ‘brimming feminist spirit, big beats and crunching guitars’. Instead of making us want to rise up and dance, it is perhaps the ideal song for listening to on a long, reflective walk.

I’m a self-confessed pop and alt-pop lover so this song is definitely my cup of tea; as a fan of HAIM and Teagan and Sara, I can confirm that if you like these artists then you’ll love Call Me Crazy. While I can definitely imagine this song becoming popular on TikTok, it also has a nostalgic air to it that makes it feel as if I could have been released in the 90s, and I love music with that timeless feel.

According to singer Hanni, this tune is “a happy pop song about the trials and tribulations of living with depression.” For me, Call Me Crazy provides a refreshingly different version of the typical song about struggling with mental illness; the contrast between the soft, yet upbeat melody and the lyrics which convey uncontrollable emotions, perfectly encapsulate the feeling of inescapable internal distress while life continues on the outside. I also think everyone will be able to relate to the questions the song poses, such as ‘am I making sense?’, when trying to explain our innermost feelings.

However the affirmation ‘this ain’t the way that I wanna live’ is a powerful reminder of the ability we all have to improve our lives despite the struggles that come with mental illness. It’s very rare that I listen to a song about depression and feel positive afterwards, but in typical ARXX style, Call Me Crazy subverts expectations of how we can discuss mental illness. While it is clear that it conveys a sense of “getting stuck in your head and forgetting to enjoy life” as Hanni says, this song also reminds us that it’s okay to feel a little crazy sometimes.