REVIEW: Hannah Brackenbury @ Komedia

Carole Todd January 14, 2020

Singer/songwriter Hannah Brackenbury entertained a sold-out house of adoring fans tonight and was “Victorious” indeed. The Tour’s first outing of the Award winning show was beautifully constructed and balanced and ran an hour.

However, as the programme is so diverse in its content, I personally would have been very happy with an extra 15 minutes, making a 75 minute set or even two 40 minute spots.

Ms Brackenbury is well capable of taking on more whether accompanying herself on guitar or keyboard. Nearly half of the songs are her own compositions in the style of her hero, Victoria Wood, with all material delivered with respect, love and truthfulness. Victoria’s voice is much lighter than Hannah’s and does not have Hannah’s bigger range.

A good thing as this stops Hannah being simply a tribute act in any way . Quite the opposite. The original VW songs and Hannah’s own compositions are carefully set in “random” order and interspersed with a little biographical info about both Victoria and Hannah- sometimes as dialogue and sometimes as poetry. I’m sure Ms Brackenbury has a lot more equally excellent ideas to be developed into a longer show and this would be a pleasure to see from such a talented performer.

Catch up with where Hannah is gonna be next and loads of other interesting content on her website here: 

4 Stars
Carole Todd