PREVIEW: Aneesa Chaudhry presents…

Graham Robson October 20, 2015

Aneesa Chaudhry
Aneesa Chaudhry

Aneesa Chaudhry Presentsā€¦Ā an evening of high quality entertainment on December 15.

She will be joined by musiciansĀ Mojca Monte on piano, Andres Ticino on percussion, Charlotte Glasson on woodwind and strings PLUS special guest Jan Allain.

Aneesa Chaudhry is a force of nature and a force to be reckoned with. Her voice is extraordinary in so many senses. Weapon Quality! –Ā Andrew Kay, The Latest TV

Aneesa is the ambitious musical director of both the Rainbow Chorus, and Martlets Hospice ā€˜GOOD VIBRATIONSā€™ choir. She also works with individuals and organisations from the trans community to help people build vocal confidence as singers and public speakers.

Last year she was voted one the four Brighton Pride Ambassadors and set up a new project calledĀ Music For Special Occasions to sing at funerals, wakes and memorials.

Aneesa says:Ā “I find it an honour to be trusted with peopleā€™s emotions at such a significant moment in their lives. So often I see people trying to hold back their emotions for the loss they suffer and a funeral is often their last chance to say goodbye to someone who touched their lives. I see my role as being a channel through which friends and family can express their grief at that time. For some it is a time to contemplate and for others it is a time to cry or come to terms with whatever is present for them.

“Whilst I love performing to large audiences, there is something very satisfying about providing a personal service at a very significant moment in someoneā€™s life or for loved ones.”

“I want people to have a choice with the music they choose for their own funeral, wake or memorial for a loved one and for those within the LGBT community to know that they can talk in confidence about one of the hardest days of their lives.”

Event:Ā Aneesa Chaudhry Presents…

Where: Latest Music Bar, Manchester Street, Brighton

When: Tuesday, December 15

Time: 8pm

Tickets: Ā£15

To book online, click here: