Osaro launches new single and video at Brighton Pride

Besi Besemar July 21, 2014

DJ Osaro will be launching his new video and single Take it Off on the main stage at Brighton Pride at 2.45pm.


Osaro describes the track as quirky, fun and hopes it will induce dance energy into the club scene.

The single is a collaboration with Brighton based producer RJ. For several weeks, the pair bounced ideas off each other and after lots of editing came up with the final version.

Osaro said: “RJ suggested using the sound of the cockerel on the track. The crowing sound is funky, original and not at all what you might expect to hear on the dance floor.”

Friends in Brighton  joined Osaro in making the video to promote the single which is choreographed and produced by Kenny McCracken at his Brighton Studios.

In the video Osaro wears a pure new white suit specially tailored in Thailand. A set was built within the studio and a professional dancer spun around whilst paint was dripped from above. Osaro stood impassively against a wall whilst the dancer flung the coloured paint at him.

By the end of the video they were both totally drenched in vibrant colours and his white suit and background were transformed into a kind of Jackson Pollock Action painting.

Osaro said: “I wanted to show that life, fashion and music are forever ephemeral in this world.¬†The shoot was amazing and very creative. We all had the most wonderful time making it. I hope your readers enjoy watching it.”

Over Pride Osaro will also be performing at the Have a Word Fashion Show at Concorde 2 on Madeira Drive on Thursday, July 31 starting at 7.30pm, in the Calabash Tent on Preston Park at 4pm on Pride Saturday afternoon and Club Proud at Revolution, 77 West Street, Brighton on Pride Saturday evening.

To view the video for Take it Off, CLICK HERE: