Ray A-J June 10, 2018

Son of Kid Creole (of Kid Creole and the Coconuts), Youngr, offers us a sandcastle of sounds in his latest release, Lost in translation.




CHILLED TECTONIC beats are sprawled out across a beautiful sandy beach in Miami, when Youngr‘s new track Lost in translation switches on. Instantly a picture of fluorescent neon guitars and sunny synths swims out from the nearby pool to greet them, as the words “we’re so lost in translation” float through the pure blue sky. Like a gentle sleeping wave, stretching every now and then onto the sandy beach, Youngr’s whispering vocal laps up an extra grain or two of eclectic synths, to create a lighthearted, carefree chorus.




English translation


Lost in translation comes after a string of tracks: Drive, Remember, and Ooh Lordy, the artist has released this year. And just like Youngr’s previous funky tracks, his latest creation seems to infuse the singer’s iconic lax, airy vocal, with a quite cheer of electronic beats, to paint up an inescapable image of a summer vacation and sunny beaches. With glossy production, and simplistic beats, the 29 year old, real name Dario Darnell, has constructed a perfectly relaxed little pop number. And overall, the musical sandcastle of lax rhythms and encouraging synthetics makes for a fabulously cheerful song for those hot days out in the summer sun.


Image created by Ray A-J