Ray A-J October 5, 2018

With Sigala’s debut album Brighter Days recently released on September 28, we take a little listen of a new track from the album (featuring Ella Eyre, Meghan Trainor, and French Montana).

SIGALA’S latest addition to his “Summer of Sigala” kicks of with a symphony of celebratory strings, bringing with them the iconic hum of pop singer Ella Eyre.

The follow up to his previous hit Lullaby, substitutes Paloma faith‘s slightly saddened chorus on the previous track with a faux elated burst of cheer from Eyre, crying: “Can’t pay my rent this month, i should be saving up, but I just got paid.” The bouncy track ruminates on an idea of reckless spending and leaving behind financial woes, despite needing to save money or “grow up,” – something we can all relate to. But Sigala wraps up this conflict of conscious with light skipping beats, and bubbly rhythms, making the tune a perfect soundtrack for a night out on payday.

The DJ calls in Grammy-Award winning singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor, and BET Hip Hop Award winning rapper French Montana for a verse or two, just to mix up the track’s repeating rhythms. And, despite the often predictable structure and simplistic chord sequences, the track seems to keep up this infectious cheer and easy listening feel.

Overall Sigala has created yet another summery, dance ready track, that encapsulates the very feel of youthful recklessness and pulsing energy. However, unlike the platinum selling DJ’s other songs, this synthetic construction leans further into positivity, avoiding all sense of sadness and feigned hope. All in all, I just got paid is a quintessential listen for a night out, and would be a perfect live affair for the DJ’s UK tour in October this year.