MUSIC REVIEW: AY Wing – Strange

Ray A-J May 24, 2018

Is AY wing’s latest track Stranger then fiction?

SWISS SYNTHPOP with a twist of turning beats and zazzy vocals, that’s what you hear when AY Wing‘s latest track, Strange plays for the first time.

An amalgamation of sweet bubblegum candy electronica and cynicism, that playfully pulls apart the narcissistic obsession with fiction.

Ironically though, the sound is less so Strange, then sane. Coherent and simple, the thin texture of electronic beats and zesty synth twangs create a confident twirl of danceable sounds. Perhaps the remainder of her E.P Ice Cream Dreams, from which this is taken, will reveal a quirkier, zaney sound, but for now the tectonics of her work seem to fuse together a sense of refined electrolism and programmed beats.

Residing on the other end of the spectrum is the video – a colourful palette of fun and freaky visuals. From Starwars, to pulp fiction, the adams family, and game of thrones, it’s never too far from flavourous digs and hints at popular culture. A play by play sees the face of AY Wing made up to copy that of pop cultures favourite heroes, all enamoured with themselves, taking selfies.

Overall, AY Wing’s Strange has the artist looking back at herself in a mirror and laughing. The absurdity of an image driven culture all wrapped up in one funky, techno trippy little track that challenges the mind, but still sticks to entertaining the ear.