MUSIC PREVIEW: Right Said Fred – Lay down your knives

Ray A-J May 1, 2018

Right Said Fred’s new single, raises awareness of knife crime.

THE 90s pop band have released their single Lay down your knives as a free download on SoundCloud, to raise awareness of knife crime.

The release comes after a recent report stated knife crime in London has risen by 22% and reflect the Fairbrass brothers’ feelings towards events in London this year.

To listen to the track on Soundcloud, click here:

Regarding the choice of topic for the track, Fred said: “The issue of knife crime really struck a nerve with us. We need more youth centres, better role models for young people, and more police on the streets. Our hearts go out to the victims and families of those affected.”

The duo hope that they can raise an awareness and urge anyone affected by crime to contact the relevant services for support, such as: Victim Support, Childline, and Fearless.

The band have previously supported various charities throughout their time in the industry, such as Crisis, Alzheimer Society, Stroke Association, St. Mungo’s, Asthma UK, Liver4Life, and The Royal Marsden Cancer Society.