Lesbian lockdown marriage proposal via Zoom

May 27, 2020

There’s been no shortage of online creativity during the current crisis, but this story of Brighton lesbians Jessie and Julia also has romance at its heart and a proper fairytale ending.

At the start of the lockdown Jessie approached local comedy songwriter/performer Hannah Brackenbury and asked her to write a personalised song about Julia so she could use it to propose with.

Hannah takes up the tale: “She sent me lots of info about their relationship and I put together a funny/romantic song. I then performed it at the end of one of my online shows on Zoom that Jessie and Julia were watching.

“Julia had no idea what was going to happen and Jessie had invited lots of their family and friends to be in on the call too.

“The whole thing was very cute and made a lovely video, which has done the rounds on social media this weekend.”

You can see Hannah’s performance, Julia’s reaction (no spoilers…) and their friends’ delight here: