KATYA celebrates gender fluidity with new single

Graham Robson November 5, 2019

KATYA, a singer/songwriter and performer from Russia, has partnered with The Phluid Project and House of Yes for a new single; a cover of Dead or Alive’s 80s classic You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).


The video for the single, which celebrates gender fluidity and expression of free identity through music, features 34 LGBTQ+ and ally dancers, and has been has been released in partnership with The Phluid Project, which empowers individuals to be themselves, and House of Yes, which aims to be a place where people truly connect, be themselves and express themselves.

From 2006-2010, KATYA was the lead singer of pop/dance group Hi-Fi, performing in 20 countries including sold-out shows on the Kremlin stage. Thereafter, she joined an all-girl pop act, Fabrika, which earned her a Golden Gramophone (Russian Grammy) and coverage in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Hello and Grazia.

KATYA says: “I like to fantasize about the future, one with flying cars and hoverboards, essentially a life without borders – a world without nationality, divisions, tags on people. I dream of a society without the games that rule us now.”

The full video will be released on Thursday, November 14.

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