Housewife superstar!

Besi Besemar July 21, 2014

Sam Bailey will take to the main stage at Preston Park just before 9 p.m. on Saturday 2 August to headline Brighton Pride.

Sam Bailey
Sam Bailey

When Sam won the tenth series of X Factor in 2013 she carried with her the hopes of every older performer in the country. For years she worked the clubs without getting a break. Then, overnight, she was launched on the road to stardom following her rendition of Beyonce’s Listen at the X Factor auditions.

I chatted to Sam last month as she did the school run. Yes, Sam still drives the kids to school herself and still lives in the same three-bedroom house in Leicester she had before X Factor came along.

“The kids love living here so I would not consider moving and making them unhappy” she said.

Why do you thinkĀ “the gays” love you so much?

“When I was young I was a tomboy. I played football and dressed like a boy, wearing my football kit much of the time. People thought I was a lesbian and because of this I was bullied at school. I understand how gay people are made to feel, especially when they are young, and I believe this has created a natural empathy between us.”

Sam’s feet remain firmly on the ground and she is savouring every bit of her present success. “I worked so hard for 20 years and had no lucky breaks in my career. I had almost given up thinking I would make it big in show business. I worked so hard but never managed to break through and become a headliner, then X Factor came along and changed my life.”

Since becomingĀ a headliner, what has been the biggest change in your life?

“The time it takes to do the shopping.” Yes, Sam still goes to the supermarket and does the shopping herself. “Everyone wants to talk to me and I stop and chat to everyone. I love talking to people, but it doubles the amount of time I spend at the supermarket.”

Sam will be closing the main stage at Brighton Pride. Hers is a story of determination, hope and never giving up. Above all, she understands how important it is for everyone to have Freedom to Live, whether they are in Brighton, Leicester or Timbuktu.