Former ‘Wedding Present’ bass player fights for music venues

Gary Hart September 11, 2019

Beatrice Bass used to work as a professional bass player for different bands, including the Wedding Present and Ben Poole Band.

Beatrice Bass/aka Pepe le Moko
Beatrice Bass/aka Pepe le Moko

BEATRICE is an active campaigner for the Liberal Democrats in Brighton and Hove and will fight the next election as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Hove and Portslade.

She will be representing musicians in politics and is proposing a new policy motion to protect music venues at the upcoming Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Bournemouth. The policy motion “Music Venues” will be debated and voted on by party members on Monday, September 16, 2019.

Beatrice Bass
Beatrice Bass

Beatrice said: “As a former professional bass player, who started out at local venues before moving onto international tours, I understand the importance of grass root music venues. It is vital that venues are available for young bands and musicians to perform and build up a fan base. Over 35% of venues in the UK have been shut in the last decade and I feel passionately about protecting remaining venues from further closures.

“In Brighton & Hove, we have lost the Freebutt, Pressure Point, Blind Tiger Club and Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. My policy will ensure that venues are protected through legislative changes, listing them as Assets of Community Value and will receive more funding. The Liberal Democrats will collaborate with UK Music, the Music Venue Trust and the Arts Council to protect and support local music venues. The Liberal Democrats are already the party that best supports creative industries, and my policy motion demonstrates our commitment to the UK music scene.”

For full text of the motion to conference, click here: