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DJ Profile: Nick Hirst

Queen Josephine July 29, 2018

As the jubilant month of July continues to shine down on us, it’s most definitely time to get your boogie shoes down to Doctor Brighton’s when it re-opens next week.

Nick Hirst
Nick Hirst
THE pub is a wonder and the DJs sublime, including the lovely Nick Hirst whom Queenie caught up with to chat about his favourite tunes, fabulous times behind the decks, and why he’s grateful to be a DJ. With the future of one of our favourite watering holes now secure, it’s guaranteed that we’ll still be hearing a lot from the marvellous Mr Hirst…
How are you? I’m fine and dandy, thanks. 
Where can we hear you? You can see me at Doctor Brighton’s on the 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday of the month and you can find my mixes at
What are you playing these days? Where to start? I’m passionate about lots of different styles of music. At the moment I play loads of classic house at my night House Rules (Doctor Brighton’s on 1st Friday of the month) and more modern house with big piano riffs and vocals (Doctor Brighton’s on 3rd Saturday of the month). Recently I played a trance set at Deerstock, a small festival in the Midlands, which went down a storm.
Fave song of all time? Without a doubt, Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy. It gives me goosebumps every time.
Best ever gig and dream gig? I remember playing the Paul Van Dyke and Rachael McFarlane mash-up of For an Angel and Lover at Birmingham Pride one year. It was outside and there were so many happy people dancing and having the best time! Things really don’t get much better than that! As for my dream gig, I know it’s really cheesy to say, but every gig is a bit of a dream for me. I’m always grateful to have been given the opportunities I have because really I’m just a guy that loves to play tunes and have a dance.
Tune you wish you’d never played! Got nothing for this one, sorry!
Guilty pleasure? Madonna: Like A Prayer and Vogue!
Describe yourself in three words… Hot Daddy DJ (haha).   
Nick Hirst’s current top five:
♦    Au-Ra & Camelphat Panic Room (Camelphat club mix) RCA
♦   Phunk Investigation Your Love (vocal club mix) Cr2 Records
♦   Mark Knight The Return of Wolfy (original) Toolroom
♦   Ryan Blyth featuringt BB Diamond Raise a Glass (single mix) Columbia
♦   Etherwood Light My Way Home (album mix) Hospital Records