DJ Profile: DJ Dazwell

Queen Josephine September 26, 2018

Want to get yourself wiggling through autumn? Queenie meets the man who’ll cater to your every dancefloor need – DJ Dazwell!

Hello – how are you? 
Hi, I’m absolutely fantastic thanks! 

Where can we hear you playing?
You will find me playing everything house, dance and EDM most weeks in Brighton. Fridays I’m at B&G in Burgess Hill and Saturdays at Savannah’s in Haywards Heath. Also on every week with a new mix of whatever takes my fancy.

What are you playing these days? 
I’m an ‘open format DJ’, so I’ll play whatever the crowd want. Chart, house, R&B, D&B, anthems and cheese, whatever’s needed to keep the party going. I’m a massive mash-up fan, so expect to hear things you wouldn’t anywhere else.

Any other projects going on? 
I’m always on the look out for moments of brilliance for my Mixcloud mixes and I’ve just done the opening set on the Arch Stage at this year’s Boundary Festival at Stanmer Park which was amazing!

Fave song ever? 
For me it has to be Gadjo So Many Times. It’s just the perfect summer feel good song.

Best ever gig and dream gig? 
My best gig to date was actually this year. I had an hour slot at the Sunday afternoon of the Brighton Pride Street Party. It was by far the biggest and best set of my life so far. Seeing thousands of people dancing along to tunes I’d selected, on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon with the iconic Brighton Pier in the background. Simply amazing! The atmosphere was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Normally when you’re DJing, it’s in a dark booth, late at night and no one can really see you or what you’re doing. But being centre stage on such a glorious day was a whole new experience I’ll never forget.

Tune you wish you’d never played? 
So many to choose from… To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever regretted playing a particular song. I’ve had many dodgy requests from customers which are always a challenge to work into a set, but then that’s the fun in DJing. I guess I shouldn’t be dropping Baby Shark over club classics, but hey, the crowd love it.

Guilty pleasure? 
Technology and gadgets. I have to have the latest gizmo, even if I don’t need it.

Describe yourself in three words!
Chilled out guy!   

DJ Dazwell’s current top five 
Ryan Blyth ft BB Diamond Raise A Glass (Original Mix) Sony
Fisher v Oliver Heldons Losing Gecko Friends (Stickmen edit) DTD
PBH & Jack Shizzle Ayla (Club Mix) 3Beat
Weiss (UK) Feel My Needs (Purple Disco Machine mix) Toolroom
One Direction v OMI What Makes A Beautiful Cheerleader (Dazwell Mashup)