“DJing is more than just making people dance!” – DJ Prisss

Gary Hart June 25, 2015

DJ Prisss
June 2015 Prisss at The Living Room, photo taken by BN1Boi

So, Prisss, what do you do?

“I love putting collages of creative unheard sounds onto the dance floor. Creating delightful soundscapes woven with deep textures, processed clips of geo-political commentary and other carefully chosen noises.

“I am fascinated with synthesising ideas from all realms and communicating messages whilst keeping the dance floor smiling and laughing. I aim to someday be so creative to make people dance to random noise!”

It sounds like DJing is deeply meaningful to you beyond just making folks dance?

“Most definitely! I’m kinaesthetic and see music as morphing coloured landscapes.

“For me, good music is a privilege and honour to share with people, it is like a window to a composer’s stream of consciousness.”

Have you been doing this long? Why did you start?

“At 9, I made my first wind-up turntable out of Meccano, a sewing needle and a margarine tub. It played records very well. But only once! Later that evening I added old bits from the dump, speakers inside a cereal box, and mixed Bach and David Bowie Hunky Dory at full volume.

“I learned the flute and piano. Judy Blame introduced me to The Residents which led me to avant-garde jazz and Zappa. Clubbing was initially a stress relief, but then I realised I wanted to share the fun of playing good music to appreciative crowds.

“I DJed for the first time in 2009, at the Stone Bar in Thailand that had massive bass bins that you could hear across the bay! I played whatever I liked all evening long there, hung out with all sorts of people, musicians and explored my style.”

What is your favourite gig?

“Playing the first [beep] gig in 2013. I’d spent a long time preparing a special set: a conscious sound scape with a story, which I performed in front of a new crowd of people. And it went great: everyone piled downstairs, packed it out and seemed to love it! It made me feel alive, connected and hungry for more.”

What is [beep]?

“[beep] – Brighton Experimental Electronic Party – is a collective for electronic musicians to start performing. No rules, just a bunch of open-minded artists who share skills, and who love expressing and enjoying ourselves holding gigs at – The Verdict jazz cafe, Edward Street – our spiritual home first Saturday every month. I’m really happy to be involved and playing regularly.

“I’ve just finished a short-run series of Sunday afternoon down-tempo, chill out sessions called The Living Room. And I also play in various clubs in Thailand when I’m over there and in pubs and clubs around Brighton.”

What interesting projects have you got coming up next?

“A custom-built top quality horn-loaded valve-amped sound system in our [beep] venue; something like Larry Levan’s Big Bertha in Paradise Garage, NY.

“I also perform as part of Breaking Robots, where we try to go a bit further in terms of experimental improvisation with an underlying message.”

DJ Prisss
Oct 2014: Priss at [beep] photo taken by NJ Strange
DJ Prisss
Nov 2013 Prisss at Fat Beaches! photo taken by BN1Boi

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