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March 31, 2023

Music has been embedded in my life ever since I was in the womb, my Mum and Dad basically raised me on music, especially POP music! I grew up listening to Madonna, Mariah, Kylie, Spice Girls, Britney… even AQUA!

I love sharing my favourite songs and album every month with the world from Scene HQ! Follow me on Twitter @DaleMelita x @daleypopscene and Instagram @itsdalemelitabitch x @daleypopscene and here’s your #DaleyPOP playlist for this month.

Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song

OMG so the United Kingdom’s Eurovision entry 2023 has officially been selected and I’m personally over the moon! Up and coming singer-songwriter Mae Muller has released this Eurotrashy bop and it even debuted in the UK Official Charts at number 30, the first UK Eurovision entry to debut in the Top 40 in over a decade! Surely this is a good sign for what’s to come…

I reckon we’ll at least be in the top 5 but if not, Mae, we’ll still be proud of you and I’m sure Sam Ryder will be too. Fun fact: Mae was the little girl in the green dress in the music video for Grace Kelly by Mika, who presented and performed at Eurovision 2022. So cool!

Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot

Alison Goldfrapp (one half of electronic music duo Goldfrapp, if you didn’t know) has released her first ever solo single taken from her upcoming debut solo album The Love Invention which is out on May 12 and it’s so hard so hot – it really is!

This is Alison at her most delicious and I’m getting Róisín Murphy vibes in the best possible way. Alison said: “I wanted to do something that had that very clubby, acid-y feeling to it,” and “I wanted lightness to come out of the chorus – there’s tension there, as well as euphoric freedom.” ISSA BOP.

Belinda Carlisle – Big Big Love

Woah I can’t get over that this is Belinda Carlisle’s first new single in over 27 years and I big big love it! Belinda tweeted: “27 years on from making my last English language pop record, I really wasn’t thinking I would ever make one again. I can’t thank Diane Warren enough for writing this powerful song for me. I hope you love it as much as I do!” We really do love it at Scene HQ so thanks Belinda, oh and thanks Diane!

John Duff – Cruise Control

I can’t remember how I discovered unapologetically queer independent artist John Duff now but I think I became a fan of his during lockdown in 2020, that’s definitely when I first heard and saw the video for ultimate gay anthem Hokie Pokie, which is basically about rimming ha.

Do It slays too as does the genius Girly. The fabulously smooth Cruise Control is more sophisticated, so I think you should stream it and thank me later kthanksbye. #streamcruisecontrol

Birdy – Raincatchers

English singer-songwriter Jasmine Van den Bogaerde aka Birdy has released this dramatic and powerful anthem into the universe and as Birdy tweeted herself, it’s time to start planning our rain catching ceremonies! Will do Birdy!

Freya Ridings – Weekends

Omg this song hits hard. Freya Ridings has released this euphoric and dark disco bop with very relatable lyrics indeed. Freya said: “There was a breakup when I got given my first platinum disc for Lost Without You. I had no one to call and I was sat alone in a bar in King’s Cross. It looks as though I had thousands of people around me, but actually I was the most alone I’ve ever been. So Weekends felt like me being scarily honest with myself, which was hard”. 🥺

B*Witched – Birthday

Who knew I’d be writing about B*Witched in my #DaleyPop column one day?! Well, here we are (and I’m secretly hoping double denim will make a comeback too)! The Irish girl group have an album coming too YAY. Edele said: “We will get to the point of an album. Right now we’re releasing singles, but the singles will keep coming and eventually they’ll be on the album”. YASSS WE WON BESTIES.

Frankmusik – Remains

Slept on Vincent Turner aka Frankmusik is currently blessing us with not one but TWO TRACKS a month! Remains is the most recent though as I’m typing this and it is next level. Vincent tweeted: “We’re taking it back to 2007 with all the sugar and spice that made my musik nice. I wanted to tap into that wacky side of my musik again but with all the production”. Remains is basically about continuing with something despite not being where you would like to be with it… and it’s such a bop!

Album of the Month

Lana Del Rey – Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

Lana’s ninth album has arrived and am I gonna say it? I’m gonna say it. This is Lana’s BEST ALBUM YET. There I said it. Even though I say this after every masterpiece she releases, 2019’s Norman Fucking Rockwell! holds a special place in my heart, as does 2017’s Lust For Life and 2021’s Blue Bannisters. Oh and 2014’s Ultraviolence. And 2012’s Born To Die, including The Paradise Edition obvs. I loveeeee 2015’s Honeymoon too and 2021’s Chemtrails Over The Country Club. I’m just a Lana stan ok.

But seriously, Ocean Blvd is an immaculate and cinematic album from start to finish. Every time I listen to it it gets better, and the lyrics really make me feel all the feels. Rolling Stone UK didn’t name Lana the greatest American songwriter of the 21st century for no reason!