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Council’s music education hub SoundCity wins national award

Besi Besemar February 15, 2014

Brighton and Hove has won a national award for its groundbreaking music education hub SoundCity at the 2014 Music Teacher Awards.

Sound City

Beating four other hubs shortlisted for the national prize the winning city was announced last weekend during the Music Education Expo in London.

Judges said that ‘no other hub had gone as far in achieving its priorities in a short space of time especially in the area of supporting children and young people in challenging circumstances and those with special educational needs or a disability’.


The shortlist was compiled by the editorial team of Music Teacher magazine from over 200 public nominations.


SoundCity is led by Brighton and Hove City Council’s Music and Arts service. It brings together the leading organisations for music in the city to enhance and develop music education and music opportunities that reflect the needs of children and young people.


Brighton & Hove City Council Music and Arts Head Peter Chivers, said: “It’s exciting to have won this award because it recognises the innovative and high quality music education opportunities across our SoundCity partnership that support all our young people to get involved and develop their music making.


“I am proud because The Music Teacher Awards are the most prestigious music education awards in the UK and feature a wide range of categories and we have won out of 123 hubs. This is the only award for music hubs nationally.


“It feels special that judges have highlighted how we have worked together to deliver our local priorities and bring more music to children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities and in often challenging circumstances.”