Brighton Fringe 2014 Launched

March 5, 2014


fringeg1Brighton Fringe 2014 Launched

While the live fish swam nonplussed around us sombre waiters served delightfully Riddle & Finn fishy nibbles , giant shimmering Mermaids pushed the rather delightful Mermaids March, a saw played by a man in white tie and tails and the excited crowd shuffled down the mock steam punk corridors in to the abyss of the Sea Life Center.

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RED-BASTARD-header-430x244Launching the Fringe from a  glass bottomed boat floating over the aquarium pool while ancient greenback turtles mate might be a taste of the eclectic, wide ranging and mass of shows, gig, comedy, theatre and  opportunities to be amazed astounded or even slightly bored by; that the Fringe offers. It might not always be perfect but that’s part of its charm and if last nights slightly peculiar  and utterly Brightonian launch is anything to go by, this years Fringe is going to be fantastic. 

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With more than 700 shows on offer, a third of which are family friendly and lots of which are FREE and featuring venues from toilets to a PerfomR an app based on Grindr that will lead audiences to Pink Fringe performances, the majesty of the Seafront and some of the cities famous spaces this is a huge effort to present, organise and arrange and it’s testimony to the hard work of the Fringe team that they get it all sorted in time for us, the humble punters to enjoy.

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