Brazilian LGBTQ+ artist, Jusky, releases ‘Just Beautiful’

Gscene Editorial Team November 5, 2019

Rising Brazilian LGBTQ+ pop / R&B artist, Jusky, is set to release his new single, Just Beautiful, to promote internal beauty and challenge media stereotypes.

Inspired to write the song after someone told him his boyfriend at the time wasn’t handsome enough for him, Jusky is passionate that someone’s looks are not taken as the measure of the person within. With a video showing people of all colours, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and sexualities, it’s a track with a universal message and an effortlessly cool vibe.

Jusky, says: “No specific gender, race or social status are mentioned in my lyrics because differences are what make us beautiful. This song was written to promote beauty no matter the skin colour, body shape or any physical features. Beauty is far beyond what our eyes can see.”

For more info, visit Jusky’s website