‘A spoonfull of Satire ‘

May 23, 2020

There have been some wonderful clever musical reactions to our current lockdown situation and the political comings and goings which are affecting us here in the UK and in America.

They are doing the rounds on social media so we thought we’d gather a few of the best ones we’ve seen so far to share with you this Bank Holiday weekend. After all, what else do we have to do?

If you’ve seen some well produced, funny and interesting content which manages to raise a smile during your lockdown then drop us an email, tweet the link at us or share it on our facebook page and we may well feature it.

Starting with this splendid topical ditty ¬†‘Song for Dominic Cumming’ from the rather marvellous Dillie Keane; songwriter, actor, cabaret artiste. chicken-whisperer, founder member of ¬†FascinatingAida ¬†which she posted on her birthday, Happy Birthday Dilly!

If you’re not already familiar with Randy Rainbow, then my Dear, what a treat we have for ¬†you. Ruthlessly funny, impressive production values, beautiful voice, rapier wit, a rather dashing profile and some of the best songs in New York. Randy is an¬†Emmy nominated comedian, actor, singer, satirist, (a real) Internet Sensation & TV star, his¬†recent takedowns on the the political leaders of the USA are a salve for our exhausted cynical ears. ¬† Check him out, he’s so beautifully gay.

Queers have not been pulling their punches with the classy parodies being produced, amongst some of the best them is ‘The Sound of Sirens’ from The Kinsey Sicks.¬†For over 25 years, America’s Favorite Dragapella¬ģ Beautyshop Quartet has entertained, delighted, and scandalised audiences worldwide.

Whatever it is you expect from four drag queens singing about COVID-19, this isn’t it. Do yourself a huge favor, watch, and be surprised!

American singer Chris Mann¬†¬†delivered this touch perfect parody of Adele and here he’s sharing this ¬†funny angsty song about social distancing and the lockdown.

Julia Aks has shared her tounge twisting triumph SuperBadTransmittableContagiousAwfulVirus Рthe Poppins Quarantine song. You gotta love the polished British accent from this American born actress and opera singer

Any you’ve seen and loved, share with us, cheers!