Organisers of Brighton International Trans Film Festival seek short films exploring trans lives and experiences worldwide

Graham Robson May 22, 2024

Organisers of this year’s Brighton International Trans Film Festival (BITFF) are seeking short films (under 25 minutes) that explore a variety of trans lives and experiences worldwide for BITFF, which takes place at Duke of York’s Picturehouse in Brighton on 19 July.

The films can be either fact or fiction and have to be made by trans film makers or a crew with a significant amount of trans people involved, or where a trans person played a key role in the creation of the film.

Organisers say: “We are particularly encouraging fictional film submissions and films by and/or featuring trans people of colour, non-western trans people, trans people with disabilities, bi+ trans people, trans people of faith, older trans people, and non binary people.

“If you cannot afford the fee to enter the festival, email My Genderation at and you will be sent a fee waiver code.

“All money raised from ticket sales will go back into supporting trans lives. We are generously supported by The Foundation by Facial Team, My Genderation, Not A Phase, and Trans on Screen.”

You have till end of June to submit your short film. CLICK HERE for more info.