Go Beyond the Binary: New film explores what it means to be intersex and how you can better support intersex siblings

Graham Robson December 20, 2023

Every Body, a film on what it means to be intersex and how you can better support your intersex siblings, is now in UK cinemas.

For decades, the medical profession has told intersex people that they should keep quiet about their stories and their bodies, and the ‘I’ in LGBTQI is rarely acknowledged. In Every Body, filmmaker Julie Cohen (RBG) meets three intersex people who have moved from childhoods marked by shame, secrecy and non-consensual surgeries, to thriving adulthoods after each decided to come out publicly as their authentic selves.

Actor and screenwriter River Gallo, political consultant Alicia Roth Weigel, and PhD student Saifa Wall are now leaders in a global movement advocating for greater understanding of the intersex community. Cohen approaches this sensitive subject gently and yet with a real joy and enthusiasm for River, Alicia and Saifa, who are trailblazing a path of acceptance for the many people across the world born with sex characteristics that don’t fit the binary notions of ‘male’ and ‘female’. This is a compelling celebration of River, Alicia and Saifa, as well as a decisive call for equality.