EXPRESS YOURSELF: Inspiration from LGBTQ+ Warriors and Designers to redecorate your home

January 24, 2023

Now more than ever, who you are and the things you value in life are key components of interior design.¬†Alongside curves and arches, tramp art, and brown furniture, homemade retro furniture, bespoke items, and biophilic design elements are now officially filling some of the coolest homes on the planet. After the commencement of the age of ‘the new normal’ last year, in 2023, homeowners are keener than ever to¬†express their values and interests¬†through home design. The following are just a few ways in which to show who you are through your interiors.

Saving the Environment

The LGBTQ+ community has numerous inspirational environmentalists to inspire their lives and home design. These include Pattie Gonia (the drag queen who marries drag to environmentalism), Rachel Carlson (the author of the famous book on DDT and other pesticides, Silent Spring), and lawyer Rikki Weber (who relies on the law to fight against threats to the planet).

Pattie Gonia

In fact, a recent poll has shown that 55% of LGBTQ+ adults (compared to 3% of heterosexual adults) care about green issues. One way to highlight this passion is by embracing biophilic design. This movement essentially seeks to blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor worlds. Natural materials, nature-inspired shapes, and indoor plants abound.¬†Indoor trees are currently booming, since they purify air, battle stress, and help keep you focused. Homeowners are also placing plants literally everywhere‚ÄĒincluding the bathroom, hanging a plethora of potted plants around their home, and investing in large, statement plant pots.

Making a Statement

Sebastian Bidegain’s work on display. Photo by Matthew Gordon

Those with a passion for a few luxury items will undoubtedly enjoy picking up a few pieces from LGBTQ+ designers with a passion for unique pieces that stand out. To get an idea of the extent to which one or two designer pieces can completely change the ambience of your home, check out the work of artists like Guiselle Milanés (who makes futuristic furniture that is sculptural yet functional); Sebastian Bidegain (famed for his rainbow-hued geometric lamps), and Sophie Collé (who loves to inject humour and personality into all her uniquely shaped pieces). Colour, individuality, and curves are just a few traits that are wowing design lovers from across the globe.

Going Bespoke 

Bespoke, handmade, and retro furniture have made a big comeback, with many homeowners seeing this type of work as an ideal way to celebrate the past while also creating pieces that are in perfect harmony with other pieces in their homes. As reported in USA Today, LGBTQ+ woodworkers have formed a strong, visible community on social media sites like TikTok. If you would like nothing more than an LGBTQ+ bespoke piece, go on social media and use hashtags like #queerwoodworker or #woodworkHER to see brilliant time-lapse videos of creators cutting through material, shaping it, and sending it to the lucky buyer.

The year 2023 is characterised by personality. If you are in the process of designing a new home or renovating an existing one, find your inspiration from popular LGBTQ+ designers. Invest in a luxury designer item or two, and do your best to champion clean air in the home by embracing the biophilic trend.