Trio of Best-Selling Female Authors Campaign for Sexual Equality in Public

Graham Robson March 15, 2013

Sarah Luddington
Sarah Luddington

Fem Writes, a new organisation to combat a perceived bias against female writers who dare to push sexual boundaries and norms has been launched by best-selling authors Sarah Luddington, Adele Carrington and Jenny Ainslie-Turner.

This collaboration between women who explore the frontiers of erotic fiction intends to fight sexual prejudice and double standards in the publishing world and challenge the establishment’s view that female authors should only write in relatively specific genre.

Sarah Luddington, Fem Writes’ Front-Woman, said:

“E L James has proven that female authors can push sexual boundaries in their writing, but even she first published under an androgynous pseudonym. The author of Story Of O kept her identity secret for years and most assumed it had been written by a man, as a woman could never be capable of such writing. My own novels have caused a firestorm on Amazon as I write in first person as a bi-sexual medieval knight, yet similar tales written by men rarely raise an eyebrow.”

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