REVIEW: Rise of Alec Caldwell

April 9, 2014


The rise of Alec Caldwell

Erotic adventures of a young businessman

Casey K Cox.

So this erotic novel is a bit of a chimera, it’s a romantic love story wrapped up in a hot and sexy exploration of master/ slave sexual dynamics and kinky orgiastic man on man sex with a sub plot (geddit…..) of a secret sexual society of city businessmen and their living male sex toys, got that, good.  If not, don’t worry just grab your tissues. There’s the eponymous love interest who everyone wants, the too good to be true paramour and a mean old nemesis makes the odd appearance, other than that it’s a big bunch of gay boys bonking each other senseless, with a bit of boot kissing frisson thrown in.

The sex is  well written and there’s plenty of it, as in every other page, which is the whole point of the book really. The characters are as two dimensional  as the paper they are printed on and the plot, such as it is, is a cross between the Mr Men books and Tom of Finland, but don’t let this put you off. Somehow I don’t suspect the point of the book is the protagonists’ journey through his own discoveries and he goes from Gay virgin in his 20’s (whose also incredibly handsome, ultra fit and successful… I know, i know, stay on board, and give the book a chance….) to super slave in huge secret gay sex society full of mystery intrigue and slave/master type interactions. However the author handles the occasional warm shallows of reflective internal dialogue well and there’s always another thick cock to suck just over the next page.

Cough cough

But, these minor criticisms aside, this is a fun book which gave me a few stiffies, as the sex is written in an effective, steamy erotic way and the dynamics of the master and slave interactions kept mostly separate too, so the nookie kept me  interested enough to the end, which isn’t the end, after all, as the author (whom/which I suspect is a auto-porn bot) has cunningly stopped half way through the story with a ‘to be continued’ as if this was a televisual series rather than a book, with the suggestion that there may be more books to come, which we may then choose to buy to find out what happens to the protagonist.  A cliff hanger on the last page, how droll, how meta.

I for one can guess the ending, so won’t be splashing out, but this is a good book for a holiday read or one handed evening entertainment and  if your tastes run to pin striped master and slave fun then  you will possibly find this books enjoyable on levels which eluded me.

Out now from all good bookshops and online.

£ 12.99

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