Spring issue of The Pink Humanist ready to download

Besi Besemar May 1, 2017

The Pink Humanist is an online magazine published by the UK LGBT registered charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT).

The magazine’s editor is Barry Duke who also edits the UK Freethinker (the Voice of Atheism since 1881) and features topics of special interest to those who identify as atheists, freethinkers, humanists, secularists and sceptics in the LGTB+ communities and those who support them.

In the latest issue, Duke explains why he won’t apologise to a Christian reader who took exception to his referring to God as “mythical” in one of the regular columns he has been commissioned to write for a newspaper in Spain’s Costa Blanca Round Town News. Duke has dedicated the column to Gilbert Baker, the San Francisco-based artist who created the rainbow flag in 1978.

There is a report in the issue about Duke’s Lifetime Achievement Award by the UK National Secular Society.

Among other items is a cover story about the banning in Russia of Vladimir Putin images showing the President wearing lipstick and mascara, the vicious attacks on gays in the Islamic state of Chechnya, and a report from Australia that Christian organisations are refusing to ditch their quack “gay cure” therapies.

There is also a tribute to gay atheist Warren Allen Smith, the New York-based activist and writer who contributed columns over many years to the Gay & Lesbian Humanist and its successor The Pink Humanist. Smith died earlier this year aged 95.

The issue also contains a report about the need for large corporations to have more inclusive policies regarding their LGBT+ employees and a review of The Imitation Game, the latest graphic novel about the gay atheist World War 11 code-breaker Alan Turing.

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