Sexy Sailors: Book review

May 3, 2013



Sexy Sailors: Edited by Neil Plakcy

This all new collection of gay erotic stories is great steamy fun, with a strong focus of sexy seafaring tales from a collection of established gay erotica writers. A traditional and much lusted after figure, the seaman is the tanned, toned and rugged hunk of many a gay mans fantasy. These stories explore lots of different ones and have a  laid back and easy to read style.

‘Sexy Sailors’ boasts a crew of the hottest men of the sea, navy men, yachtsmen, thick limbed dockers and even a pirate or two and has a collection of naughty and nautical stories covering all aspects of life at sea, some historical, some navel some simple love stories with the sea set as background.

From the straight foreword raunchy to the more sophisticated and romantic this anthology covers most bases and should keep your one handed reading habit occupied. Plakcy knows his stuff and as editor of these anthologies has kept the quality of writers he has included high, keeping the focus on the storytelling but not at the expense of the sex.

There’s a good range of stories and all the erotic content is steamy and relentless and I found it was pretty good, good enough for me to finish reading it all.


Out now £10.99

Published by Turnaround-uk for more info or to buy a copy see the website here: