REVIEW: Books The Queeriodic Table by Harriet Dyer

October 2, 2019

The Queeriodic Table: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Culture 

by Harriet Dyer

Another compact treasure from Harriet Dyer , who has produced quite a few of these superb fun little books, check them out. This one celebrates the richness of modern queer culture and its vast history.

The fun premise based around the images, iconography and map of the Periodic table, familiar to all of us from our chemistry lessons at school, gives us a comprehensive introduction to all the essential elements that helped sculpt the LGBTQ+ community up to the present day, including: the amazing stories of queer pioneers like Marsha P. Johnson, celebrities, game-changers and unsung heroes alike, the essential LGBTQ+ timeline of queer world history, the biggest queer culture festivals and events in the world and classic works of queer art, literature, music, TV and film.

It’s a fun, upbeat and colourful collection of elements which combine in a complex delightful way to illuminate and express the wide array of delights that make our LGBTQ+ culture so vibrant.

£9.99 Hardcover 

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