REVIEW: Books Reckless Paper Birds by John McCullough

September 27, 2019

Reckless Paper Birds

John McCullough

Like the Queer love child of Elizabeth Smart’s  ‘By Grand Central Station’ and Roger McGough this new collection of atomic poems from John McCullough  is mind blowing excellent. I’ve been a huge fan of McCullough from the off and this new collection of poetry continues to convince that we have the new voice of a generation living amongst us.  His utterly authentic passionate observations ring true, his Queer sensibility a lodestone for his wit and crepuscular yearnings. Sigh, he’s fucking excellent.

Forged out of passion, his experiences on Grindr, walking in Brighton, seeing the cracks in our world and prying them open with his pen to scratch at our skin and eyeballs until they see how things should be seen, McCullough cannot be argued with. His words linger in the shadows of the mind, slowly percolating through into the karst of our conscience.  Reading him is like dreaming underwater while mermaids tear at your flesh. His sublime, seductive and startling poems demand a second and third reading, sensually writhing and turning under examination like DNA into an endless alphabet of metaphorical suggestions.

They also demand understanding and it’s this subtle sotto voice undertone to these poems which is the real triumph, alone they delight, together they enchant and whisper of the absolute triumph of imagination. The books left me breathless. Read it.

Out now for more info or to buy this books see the publishers website