BOOK REVIEW: Red Hot 100

November 19, 2014


Red Hot 100

The 100 Sexiest Red Hot Guys in the World

Thomas Knights

Three years ago Thomas Knights had an idea – to put ginger guys in the spotlight like never seen before. To show them as desirable, as alpha males. Sexual, confident, heroic, as the ultimate male. Inspired by underground visionaries like James Bidgood and Pierre et Gilles Thomas Knights realised that no one had done this before and so began RED HOT his long-term vision to “rebrand the ginger male stereotype”.

You could argue that an appreciation for the copper boys has always been a desired and objectified sub type for gay men, Latino men in particular fetishise red headed men as any Irish lad who’s travelled to Madrid and survived the mauling will testify to. Kinghts approach is to turn the polish and glamour of the photo shoot and the polished media gaze onto Red Heads in the same way we might muscled men, models and porn actors, and give them the same desired spin and gloss that we are used to seeing on other types of ‘hot’ men.

Immediately it caught the public’s attention, then bloggers, then mainstream regional press, then national press, then international press, art press, fashion press, then TV coverage, radio, fair to say it became a phenomena.


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And now the book: Red Hot 100 is out to support the calendar (which has raised thousands of pounds for anti bulling charities) which all came from the original exhibition. The books has 100 full-page photo’s of these topless models all set against the blue background, it’s Knights trademark style. This book is about the beauty of red headed men, in all their infinite variety, but it’s not about the erotic side of them, so no cock shots, ok.

This is a well presented full colour coffee table book from Bruno GmunderTheir approach to quality and high production values is well known. With 144 full colours pages of these 100 hot and sexy red heads and supporting interviews and commentary from the models themselves which gives a real insight into how these men have overcome very negative perceptions from society. Luckily all of them grew up into serious hotties, which gives them the last, biggest laugh on the bullies.


If you’re partial to a polished buff Golden boy or a fit scruffy red blooded and red headed man then this book is for you, or the perfect present for the gingerphile in your life. The men are all stunning, and with their uncompromising stares back at us, it gives us the opportunity to not just lust after their flame haired handsomeness, but to meet their uncompromising gaze back.

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Size: 26 x 34 cm

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