Pink Triangle Trust secretary acknowledged by Ugandan Humanists

Gary Hart March 7, 2016

The Pink Humanist

The Spring 2016 issue of The Pink Humanist is now ready to download online.

The new issue reveals that a classroom in Uganda has been named after Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) secretary George Broadhead and his spouse Roy Saich by a Ugandan Humanist organisation, Humanist Empowerment of Livelihoods in Uganda (HELU).

The PTT chose to help HELU rather than contribute, as it has in the past, to LGBT History Month in protest against History Month’s theme for 2016: religion.

The issue also carries a piece by veteran human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, explaining why he believes that Ashers, a Christian bakery in Belfast, were wrongly prosecuted for refusing to create a cake bearing the slogan support gay marriage.

In an amusing piece entitled Unfit to stand trial, Scottish author Jack Hastie creates a scenario in which the Almighty is brought to trial for a variety of crimes against humanity; and there is an in-depth examination of the current state of LGBT rights in India.

There is also a feature article about US psychiatrist Robert Spitzer, who, despite his wholehearted support for LGBT communities, inadvertently became the ‚Äúdarling of the gay cure brigade‚ÄĚ as a result of a fatally flawed reparative therapy study.

The issue includes a review of National Secular Society President Terry Sanderson’s The Adventures of a Happy Homosexual; and The Pink Humanist editor Barry Duke encourages readers to help gay charities in the US by  buying a newly re-released edition of the book Harold and Maude written by the late Colin Higgins.

In a separate article, Duke expresses his anger over the fact that the BBC, in profiling celebrated gay American writer James Baldwin, chose to gloss over the fact that he had ditched an evangelical upbringing and became highly critical of Christianity.

Current, as well as past issues of the magazine can be downloaded in pdf format from The Pink Humanist website.

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The Pink Humanist is an online magazine published by the UK LGBT charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT). It features topics of special interest to those who identify as atheists, freethinkers, humanists, secularists and sceptics in the LGTB communities and those who support them.

The magazine’s editor is Barry Duke who has also edited The UK Freethinker (the Voice of Atheism since 1881) for the past 18 years.

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