Payton Edgar’s Agony to help Sussex Cancer Fund

November 20, 2014



Local author Matthew Seal’s novel, Payton Edgar’s Agony, will be released through the Amazon Kindle store on November 20. 

Matthew is a trained nurse who has worked in the Sussex Cancer Centre for 15 years. Currently working in the outpatient clinic department, he has also worked in both the chemotherapy department and the inpatient unit, Howard One.  He has been writing seriously for 10 years, and in 2011 was a runner up in the Sussex New Writers Awards. It was for this competition that he created the character of food critic, Payton Edgar.

The proceeds of the book, the first in a series of novels featuring the sleuthing restaurant critic, will go to the Sussex Cancer Fund to obtain new equipment for the Sussex Cancer Centre.

London, 1962. Renowned London restaurant critic Payton Edgar is more accustomed to eating from plates than spinning them, and yet this is just what he finds himself doing after agreeing to stand in for the London Evening Clarion’s Agony Aunt. While an Aunt of a different kind causes misery for him on the home front, a disturbing letter to the column soon embroils Mr Edgar in a murder plot.

Can he solve the mystery of Capstick and Clay before his spinning plates come crashing down?

Payton Edgar’s Agony can be purchased for the Kindle at £1.60.

To purchase the book click here.