LW Jones to publish psychological thriller featuring trans character

September 10, 2020

LW Jones is to publish the new psychological thriller, Mind Set, which follows a transgender drama student on a journey of self-discovery.

Mind Set, whic the author’s second book, features the character Lexa Price, a twenty-something, transgender, drama student, who is about to have the worst day of her life. After killing a mugger in self-defence, her world crumbles and she begins to see another version of herself.

The book, which centres around the complex issues of the human mind, explores how an individual uniquely views and reacts to traumatic experiences, coping mechanisms and fight or flight instinct.

LW Jones, who is from Manchester and has worked with the Octagon Theatre’s youth project, said: ‘I wanted to tell a story that was completely different to others in a similar genre. Taking risks by talking about certain topics within the narrative, including LGBTQ+ characters that could be faced with ridicule and discrimination and how children and teenagers with disabilities could be affected by deportation and mental health differences.

‘These are issues that hold a place in modern times and are often risky to talk about in certain company. The second driving force was the alternative stories I found within graphic novels and comics. I have always loved art and it’s that different kind of storytelling that inspired me to write this book and include the illustrations at the end of it.’

Mind Set is published by Troubador, ISBN: 9781838594930, RRP £9.99. To order a copy, CLICK HERE.