Brighton writers contribute to LGBTQ Doctor Who book

Besi Besemar June 2, 2013

Queens Dig Time LordsLong time friends and Brighton residents Neil Chester and Martin Warren have contributed to ‘Queers Dig Time Lords’ an anthology of new essays on Doctor Who from an LGBTQ perspective.

Published this month by Mad Norwegian Press the book is a sister edition to the previous collection ‘Chicks Dig Time Lords’ which looked at the programme from a feminist perspective.

 Neil who lives in the Preston Park area said:

“I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was a child, when the editors asked if I might like to contribute to this book I jumped at the chance. What started as a mild curiosity in a junk yard has lead to years of fun and loads of friends.”

Neil contacted his friend when editors asked if he knew of anyone else who might like to contribute.

Martin said:

“Doctor Who was what cemented our friendship and I’m very grateful to the programme for that. The opportunity to offer an LGBTQ slant on an iconic institution was great and it’s a really enjoyable collection of essays with some eye opening takes on the Doctor and the programme”.

Local author, playwright and producer Nigel Fairs has also contributed a touching piece about his friendship with one of the shows stars, Louise Jameson. Louise played Leela, Tom Bakers ‘savage’ assistant in the original series and the essay looks at Nigels’ relationship with Louise as it develops over time.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with special programmes broadcast in November.

Queers Dig Time Lords is available now at Amazon and major book retailers.

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