Book REVIEW: Walking into Alchemy: Amelia Marriette

January 28, 2021

Walking into Alchemy

Amelia Marriette

Worn out after wrestling with redundancy, leaving her with a frayed and ravaged mental health playwright and curator Marriette has a chance meeting with Lucy, who leads her into a new world of walking, connecting with the simple natural rhythms around her. This local exploring leads to finding an inner balance and allows her to reconnect with her life, passion and desires and ultimately find love.

This rather sweet, but non-the-less powerful non-fiction book explores how walking has re-connected her to the world in a vivid passionate way, improved deeper mental health and inspired creativity. It’s also a fresh, reflective guide to change. Written in an engaging chatty style and drawing on examples of composers who have relished and relied on the creative and healing power of the great outdoors and walking in partially, like Holst and Britten, who both marched the lands, listened to it’s timeless rhythms  and found motivation.  The new couple move to Europe and walk the same 13 miles trail through the woods and mountains of Austria, each week, for a year. Stopping, being still, learning, connecting and exploring nature while allowing a rejuvenation of sprit and love to work its energetic magic.

Perhaps this is the book we all need after The Virus has left us bruised and learning that the simple act of walking in nature can give us the things we most need and desire.

Out now, hardback.  £20 

For more info or to order see the publishers website here