Book REVIEW: Things We Say in the Dark by Kirsty Logan

October 2, 2020

Things We Say in the Dark 

Kirsty Logan

Oh, Logan what marrow rich prose you do.  This collection of stories, all crepuscular, shaded and of the dark side are a delight.  Logan reminded me of Poppy Z Brite, utterly convincing, beguiling narratives which seem domestic and everyday and then a sentence turns and shocks you right off the page. The book talks to us, the author is writing it as we read it, with a collection of side notes as we move through it. Her control of the narrative is thrilling, set against domestic moments in the Icelandic retreat where it’s being composed. From creepy supernatural stories through to modern feminist fairy tales which could have come from Angela Carter this collection is something special.

The stories examine; from a women’s perspective, themes of life, fear, flesh and violence. Mothers, children, compromise, struggle. Logan’s forensic prose peeling back the skin of dreams to reveal the rawness below. The tension in them is palpable and the words slide into your imagination, uncoiling their tendrils and sending shivers through your mind. This is horror wrought quietly effective. Dreadful men get their awful comeuppance. There is no escape here.  Her use of setting and conversation in the stories draws you on, leads you down into some dark spaces.

Always in control Kirsty Logan shows us the Stygian side of imagination and then leaves us there, in the cold, dank dark, alone with this writhing book.  Shudder!

Out now £8.99

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