Book REVIEW: The Extraordinaries – TJ Klune

January 8, 2021

The Extraordinaries

TJ Klune

Klune introduces us to a completely  queer central cast, and apart from a few clunky remarks from  a generally well-meaning Police officer father,  queer love and desire gets to breathe on the page.  It’s a refreshing Superpower narrative, no metaphors here.

We follow protagonist Nick Bell as he explores his emerging queerness with his best friend Seth, in its most awkward, nerdy, fanfic-inspired throes, wrestling with his infatuation, struggling with idolization and authentic, genuine attraction.  Nick is crushing on Shadow Star, who’s timely intervention saves him from aggression.  But can a superhero only truly love another superhero, Nick decides he needs to find out and become an Extra-Ordinary person of super attributes himself, setting out on a journey filled with adventure and secrets as he’s offered the opportunity to become a superhero.

Klune gives us a feel good, super camp, funny narrative with Queerness utterly centred and its great fun, there’s some reservations about the do-gooder Cop father which just feels a little too soft-focus Disney in today’s climate of American police brutality, but overall the book succeeds with showing us Nick working to understand the grey zones of good v evil and what needs to be done to protect those you love.

Obviously setting itself up for a run of sequels, but that’s dealt with in a smart and interesting way.  A great Young LGBTQ+ person read.

Out now £16.99

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