Book REVIEW: The Art of Drag: Jake Hall

February 13, 2021

The Art of Drag

Jake Hall

This lusciously illustrated guide stares at the history of the phenomenon that is Drag, from ancient theatre to the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race via Paris Is Burning to Pose and from Lady Bunny to Victoria Sin. This book reads drag.

With chic illustrations from a host of superb creatives it examines the intersections of fashion, theatre, sexuality and politics – all blending to create the show stopping entertainment millions witness today. Journalist Hall delves deep into the ancient beginnings of drag, to the present day and beyond.

Vibrant drawings – along with a ‘swiss binding’ which allows the double page drawings to lay flat, imagine a book doing the splits! enhance the rich history from Kabuki theatre to Shakespeare, the revolutionary Stonewall riots to the thriving New York ballroom scene, along with fascinating glimpses into the future of drag from The Vixen, Crystal Rasmussen & others.

The book informs, educated and stitches together connections, influences and reasons of why looks came about and what may have driven their development, but above all, looks fierce. Worth getting just for the images, superb!

Out now £14

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