BOOK REVIEW: Spartacus: International Gay Guide 2017

June 23, 2017


International Gay Guide 2017

Spartacus is the gay travel bible − the bestselling and most comprehensive travel guide for gay men. This 46th edition features 21,000 addresses for 130 countries worldwide. So many gay facts! Hotels, clubs, bars, beaches, saunas, sex venues or the local gay information centre − you will find all this and plenty of local advice and insights into the local scene, the country, the people and up to date places to eat, shop or chat.

The listing describes each country in an extensive introductory text, including unique and important ( if you’re new to the place) cultural issues. Importantly, it offers information about the legal situation and safety for gays and lesbians in each of the countries listed in the guide, sourced from foreign embassies and LGBT+ activists/organizations around the world. The editorial team undertake extensive research to ensure the information is as reliable and up-to-date as possible.

Here’s their ‘shooting the cover’ gratuitous topless model video…

Published by the Bruno Gmunder with their usual attention to quality and detail, it’s an excellent research and travel resource. All in all it’s the physical guide for LGBT+ folks traveling our wonderful rainbow planet. Book includes full access to their on-line listing and the app.

Out now £14.99


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